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    Rune-Honor Rules

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    Rules of Rune-Honor

    Advertising - We will not accept advertising here. Any advertising of forums or other communities/websites will not be accepted. If you do happen to see advertising, you are to report it to a member of staff immediately and it will be removed. Advertising is not permitted by any means, anywhere on the forum. This includes signatures, profiles, graphics (or requests), private messages, usertitles, and such customizable spaces. Some servers have their server addresses the same as their website. If this is the case, then unfortunately, you will not be permitted to advertise it on Rune-Honor. Alterations will have to be made if you want to advertise your server on Rune-Honor, and it is the same as the website/forum/community. There are exceptions for major websites such as google, youtube, yahoo etc. Note: Search engine links containing search results that lead to forums aren't allowed of course If you post an image that displays a link to a forbidden website, it is punishable. Referral website(s) are also not allowed anywhere on the forum. Please understand that linking to a website which contains a forum link is STILL considered advertising, and is punishable.

    Ban Evasion - Ban evasion is considered to be a severe offense, and if conducted, it will lead to even further and possibly more serious consequences (IP Ban). A temporary ban evasion may lead to a permanent ban, and then possibly an IP ban. Simply put, do not try to evade your ban; serve it and don’t risk your account. Account sharing / relaying messages from the banned user(s) is not allowed as well.

    Multiple Accounts -
    There is a limit on the amount of accounts that you are allowed to have created here at Rune-Honor. You may only have created a maximum of three (3) accounts for our forums. If you are caught with more than three by a moderator, you are liable to have valid reasoning at any given time as to why you have more than three accounts. If you have more accounts than three, all of the accounts will be banned and your main account will also be banned for a variable period of time.

    Harassment / Flaming - Harassment will not be tolerated. The punishment for harassment will vary from mild, to severe depending on the situation at hand, offenses committed, and other such factors. Racism, ageism, sexism, discrimination, segregation, and such offensive manners are also considered harassment and under no conditions will they be tolerated. This includes offensive language that is directed at a member, or members of our community. There is to be no foul, stereo-typical, or abusive language allowed. Offensive language is permitted, but still discouraged, if it is not directed at a member of our community. If you receive any type of harassment via private message, please contact a staff member immediately. Note: Harassment is the same as flaming.
    If reporting a player for Flaming/Harassment you must have proof.

    Malicious Conduct - malicious conduct will lead to an un-appealable permanent ban and or IP ban. The malicious conduct can vary from denial of service attacks, group/mass spamming, and registering an account with intent to cause trouble. This also includes posting or discussing viruses or other malicious content in your posts, threads, private messages, and any other means of communication over the website. This be said, links or images that may lead to malicious content are also prohibited.

    Pornography & Inappropriate links or images - You are not permitted to post or send links or images of pornography, child pornography, nudity, or obscure/inappropriate content to other forums members. The punishment for this is severe. This includes linking to websites that may redirect, contain, or lead to these types of links or images, as well as images that are disturbing. It also adheres to websites that may hijack ones browser, and phishing. (Disturbing images include bleeding dead bodies, innards, and other such content). Infractions, as well as bans will be laid immediately if you are caught participating in this offense. Note: This also applies to your signature, avatar & profile picture.

    Encouraging/Aggravating Others To Break Rules - You are not allowed to encourage or aggravate others to break rules. This includes taunting, ridiculing & provoking. The punishment for this will vary on the severity of its outcome.

    Discussion Of Ranks - You are not permitted to publicly ask or beg for any type of ingame / forum rank, As if it will result in a mute / ban. The administrators will notice you if you are doing a good job, and they will choose who will be assigned the moderator or other roles. You also may not publicly request for a user to be banned publicly. If you so wish for this please feel free to privately contact a member of staff. Your request will be heavily reviewed and discussed before action is taken. All reasons must be valid, and make sense according to these rules. The only rank that may be openly and freely discussed is the Donator rank or higher. This is because members may have questions about it, or may wonder how to donate. Donations can be made out to Smitty through PayPal. Inquire more with the staff team about donating ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you agree to this then you can enter our site - This means no chargebacks whatsoever, which is the meaning of the word "donate."

    Spam - We do not allow spamming on our forums. Spamming also includes grave digging an old topic, or bumping a topic. The punishment for spamming will vary on the content and amount of content posted. Double posting is also considered spamming, and is not allowed. Please make your posts meaningful. Think about what you are posting before doing so, and make sure it abides with the forum rules. Posting meaningless messages will be considered spam. The spam section, and the usergroup specific sections are sections where one can post topics or replies which may not have any need or meaning. This is "spam", only not absolutely useless posts such as "soamfdjaijgnanhi". Other than this the full rules do apply here as well.

    Posting/Releasing Personal Details Or Images Of Other Users - We will not stand for this kind of behavior. You are strictly not allowed to post sensitive or personal information of other members of our community, such as photos/numbers/Ip's/ Or anything else that can give away an identity of an other. Do not even consider doing this without the full prior written consent of the person who's details or image it so happens to be. Action will be taken against your account unless you post picture or video proof of the written consent.

    Graphics Ripping - If you happen to be caught ripping other people’s graphics work, you will be dealt with appropriately. The punishment under normal circumstances is up to the graphics team and staff. Ripping ones graphics is simply pointless. You gain nothing yourself, and risk a ban or punishment. Do not rip or leech other members’ graphics. This includes claiming others work as your own. Note: Ripping is also known as stealing other peoples work.

    Leeching - Leeching includes claiming other peoples work, projects, images, graphics, servers, clients, and such things as your own, and involves a wide variety of things. Leeching will be punished with infractions, or possibly bans. It is considered as stealing ones work, and therefore is not allowed. Please refrain from leeching.

    Staff Impersonation - Impersonating staff will lead to a lengthy temporary ban. This includes portraying yourself to be a part of the staff team. This also includes manipulating new or confused members with your knowledge, and intentionally misleading them. Asking or telling members to donate to your PayPal account for the donator rank will fall under this category as well.

    Respect - Respect is an important rule here at Rune-Honor. It is important to respect each other, and always strive to be a better person than you may be, or already are. This is what makes a community strong. You must respect the other members, the other staff, and the rules. You can respect the rules by abiding by them. Please remember to especially treat new members, or new staff with respect. Remember, they are only wanting to be a part of the community, or only trying to make it better. They have as much right to be there as you do.

    Instant Messengers - IM proof is only allowed if: It pertains to a "Ddos" against Rune-Honor ; It Pertains to "Spam" attacks against Rune-Honor.
    Abuse of a Rune-Honor system - Any abuse of a Rune-Honor system may result in a ban, or denied access to extra features. So please use each feature with respect.
    Please Remember! Make your posts meaningful, and do not post brief comments such as "lol," "nice," or "10/10." Do not double-post (post twice in a row in the same topic). Instead, please edit your posts with updated content. Do not post "Bump" or a meaningless post for the sole sake of raising a topic's position in the forum index. If you need to inform the topic starter of anything, you may send them a private message. Hacking other members will not be tolerated. Scamming attempts will be dealt with, but if you are scammed, we do not take responsibility and are not liable to take action. Stay on topic on threads; don't hijack them. Do not post a new topic directed at a certain member. Use the private message system for all private conversations. Don't beg for rep, earn it instead. The black market was removed. Further selling, begging, trading, or any other sort of conduct of accounts and items is no longer permitted. Do not ask for money or donations. Example: Please donate to my paypal! Use the search function before creating threads and asking others. Take initiative and strive for independence. Do not abuse the tag system. This means adding useless, offensive tags etc. Remember, moderators CANNOT ban you for the same offense! No "Double Jeopardy" Always remember to keep these rules in mind, and follow them to the best of your ability. Success in this community will ultimately come to you if you do this. If you have any concerns, please contact the staff or administration team

    Happy foruming!

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