Read before reporting!


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    Read before reporting!

    Post  Tyler on Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:17 pm

    This is the report section, this is not the place to appeal a ban or a mute.
    So take your appealing matters to the other sections.

    If you're reporting a player, please try and get screenshot or a video of what has happened, include all the information which you have. The more you get, the more likely something will happen to the person involved.
    This could include people who saw what happened, ect...

    If you're reporting a mod for abuse, please have evidence to back up your cause, otherwise it'll probably get locked by the mod concerned. You'll need more than reporting a normal player because it's a big shout to try and report a mod seeing as they're all trusted...

    Anything else but legit reports in this section will be considered spam and will be removed immediately!



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